"Tiffany" Bavaria's Breakfast At Tiffany's DOM

March 26, 1996 – February 19, 2008

Owned by:  Mary & Mike Ucinski and Vera Anderson


On February 19, 2008,  our beautiful Tiffany made her trip to the Rainbow Bridge. 


She would have turned 12 on  March 26th.  She was always a “Princess” and noble till the end.  Her heart and mind are strong, but her legs just couldn’t hold her up anymore. 


I am eternally grateful to Mary and Mike Ucinski who took her into their lives when Tiffany was 7 years old.  Her fights with her sister had become intolerable.  She needed a home where she could be the sole “Princess”.  Mary and Mike loved her with all their hearts and gave her the life that she needed.


Tiffany will be remembered for the sweet, wonderful girl that she was and for the many loving boxers that she is responsible for producing. 


EKG'd & Color Doppler'd Excellent 4/03


Tiffany pictured above on September 30, 2007 at 11.5 years of age!

Her eyes caught the flash of the camera.  Her vision is still great.


Tiffany pictured above on September 30, 2007 at 11.5 years of age!

Her legs are no longer strong.



Tiffany is shown above with Mary & Mike Ucinski's granddaughter, Lauren.



Tiffany pictured above on January 4, 2003!





In July of 1997, when she was just 16 mos. old, Tiffany jumped off a 12 foot drop onto concrete with her sister, Rachel. She landed on her left leg which immediately broke, then fell forward on her neck and flipped her back over her head. We don’t know how she survived a fall like that, but she’s still here and we’re thankful for that. She has had 3 surgeries: insertion of plate and pins, removal of 1/2 of the pins, and finally the removal of the plate and all remaining pins. This encompassed 1 year of surgeries and recuperation. Her leg is as straight as can be and even the judges couldn’t detect any problem with her leg movement.

She came back in the showring in the fall of ‘98 and won several class placements. She did, however, have several vertebrae out of place which can misalign and cause her discomfort when running on the hard showring surfaces. We discovered that the uneven grassy showrings were no better for her. So, she is happily content with staying at home and retaining her “Princess” position. We feel very fortunate to have her here with us. To remember her in the ring, we just watch the tape of her when she made the 1st cut at the ‘97 ABC in class of 29. She’s a champion in our hearts.

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