Bavaria's Boxers Stud Services 

Contact me regarding my males are available for stud service after they have cleared their DNA, heart testing, blood chemistry panels, & thyroid testing.

We reserve the right to approve Bitches to be of caliber for breeding.  Prior to breeding, bitches need be test normal in:  SAS, 24-Hr. Holter, blood chemistry panel, thyroid and brucellosis.  

Documentation of testing clearances for the dog and bitch will be provided to all parties involved prior to a breeding.

I have purchased a digital 24 hr. holter monitor and can test your bitch with data printed out an hour after the test is complete.  Data can then be delivered or overnighted to a cardiologist for evaluation.

Fees can be a "Pick Puppy" or a reasonable monetary fee, to be agreed upon prior to a breeding.  I do not discuss prices via internet. 

I have a very large waiting list of great families (many who have had several boxers live to old age already) for all puppies sired by my stud dogs.  These families will only get a puppy from me and will wait until I have a puppy for them.  I will provide family prospects for every puppy. 

If you are interested in breeding to one of my dogs, please email me at      or call me at 224-603-8317. 



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