This information is current as of 1/14/10.


Cardiologist costs to 24-hour-holter monitor your dog are $350-$500.  Call your veterinarian to get a referral.




I have a Digital 24-hour-holter monitor to test dogs. 

This unit cost $2,000 plus the cost of the electrodes (new for each dog). 

To test your dogs, the costs are:

    $0 if you bought the dog from me.

    $25 if it is out of my lines, but you bought it from someone else.

    $50 (with pdf file of results) if your dog is not out of my lines. 



You will need to bring 2 new AA batteries, 1 roll of Johnson & Johnson Coaches Athletic Tape (purchase at Walmart or Walgreens), and a T-shirt that will fit your dog.



I provide you with a printout or CD of your dog's heart data that you send to a local cardiologist who has agreed to read the results for $70  (4-6 weeks turnaround),


or a local heart specialist who has the same software I use and will read the results for $140 (1-3 day turnaround) - call for current price,


or a cardiologist of your own choice.

More information on Boxer Cardiomyopathy - Updated 1/24/08

Call me at 224-603-8317 if you have questions.




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