·        Nick - We took our 2012 Christmas pics of dogs today. Back in April, I wasn't sure Nick would be in them?


Our vet said he had heard of the Benadryl/Tagamet regime and does not believe it works...however, he is amazed at Nicks remission. Nick will be on the B/T regime to the end. He's taking three of each per day, 2 each in AM and one each in PM. I've adjusted the dose depending on how he responds. When he started acting lethargic on 1 each twice daily, I bumped it up and he responded well. He goes in once a month for a check on his calcium levels. Vet wants to keep him on pred to control Ca levels and as long as it's minimal dosages, I'm ok with it. Nick does have a couple big lymph nodes in his neck, large grape size so we're keeping an eye on those too.


So happy to hear of  Hans story and hope Nick will enjoy a similar remission. But even if he doesn't have the longevity, his quality of life improved with this regiment without toxic side effects and for that we are eternally grateful Vera.