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I purchased my first boxer, a dark faced brindle male of the Mazelaine lines, in 1965. As a twelve-year-old girl, it took almost a year to save up the money, but I was determined. He was named Seppel the First of Bavaria. "Seppel" means "Joe" in German. All of my relatives live in Bavaria, and so began Bavaria's Boxers. Soon after, I purchased Bavaria's Maiden, a flashy fawn female.

During the next several years, I began showing boxers and bred several litters producing Bavaria's Darling Schatzi, Bavaria's Blame It On Bozo (Ch. Salgray's Minute Man), Bavaria's Cinnamon Spice (Ch. Salgray's Minute Man) and Bavaria's Snow Princess (Ch. Salgray's Fashion Plate). Both Bozo and Cinnamon won many classes, however, Bozo didn't like showing and Cinnamon was hit by a car at 9 months of age when his owners' little boy let him out. Snow was not shown as I was then heading off to college. All three were definitely of championship caliber, but unfortunately never achieved the title. During this time, I also won the Jr. Showmanship competition at the Chicago International one year with my boxer.

One incident I distinctly remember was showing Bozo at one of the local all-breed shows. He was in the 9-12 month class and was acting up very badly, bouncing all over the ring, challenging all the other boys. He actually bounced his front feet off the judge. He just didn't want to be there. The class had 14 dogs in it and when the judge still awarded him a 4th place, I told the judge, "I am sorry, but this dog does not deserve a ribbon and therefore, I cannot accept it." I then marched out of the ring with all of my fifteen-year-old principles. One exhibitor came running after me, pleading with me to go back into the ring because Bozo was of such good caliber. He then offered to buy him for $500 and any two boxers in his kennel (my choice). He called from Ohio for the next two weeks trying to persuade me to sell him. My best friend in high school loved him dearly so I sold him to her for $100 instead. Bozo was never again shown but was loved beyond words and instead spent his lifetime as pampered houseboxer.

My first boxer rescue occurred when I was 14 years old. I went into our local petshop and found six 8-week-old boxer pups crammed into two small cages. I persisted until I obtained the owners' names and then persuaded the owners to turn them over to me. We had quite a bit of acreage at the time with apple and pear orchards all fenced in. The pups thrived and were quickly sold to wonderful boxer people. While working at a busy local animal hospital, I placed numerous dogs and cats in homes. Fortunately, the owner/veterinarian was as good-hearted as I and allowed me to house them at the hospital for months at a time till all were placed.

After college, I began raising my family and actually didn't have any dogs for several years. I rescued/adopted a large dobe/setter and a sheltie. I spent several years showing and breeding shelties, but it just wasn't the same as a boxer.

Finally, in 1991, I purchased Bavaria Struts Her Stuff, a flashy fawn of the Hollycrest lines. This was the first boxer for my children. It was love at first sight for all of them. Then, in 1996, since my kids were grown and almost out of the house, I decided to begin showing boxers again. I purchased two flashy brindle females who I picked out at 5 days of age. Yes, I wanted one so bad, I bought two. Those girls are Ch. Bavaria's Take A Chance On Me and Bavaria's Breakfast At Tiffany's. Several months later I also purchased Bavaria's Dressed For Success. In December of 1998, I purchased Ch. Interlude's Bavarian Hummel, my first boy since 1974.

They are all happy houseboxers and bring so much joy to our family.


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