2010 ABC Videos of

Bavaria's Simply The Best One More Time



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ABC 051210 028 Classes ReMax stacking



ABC 051210 029 Classes ReMax go around



ABC 051210 031 Classes ReMax Exam



ABC 051210 032 Classes ReMax down and back



ABC 051210 033 Classes ReMax stacking



ABC 051210 043 Winners Class at beginning



ABC 051210 044 Winners Class ReMax in lineup



ABC 051210 045 Winners Class ReMax in lineup



ABC 051210 046 Winners Class closeup



ABC 051210 047 Winners Class ReMax Ready For Exam



ABC 051210 048 Winners Class ReMax down



ABC 051210 049 Winners Class ReMax back moving



ABC 051210 051 Winners Class ReMax Moves Around One at a Time



ABC 051210 050 Winners Class Lineup



ABC 051210 052 Winners Class WD



 ABC Winners Dog Class - Another View from UTube




ABC 051210 053 Winners Class lineup RWD



ABC 051210 054 Winners Class RWD



ReMax Spinning Out of Control

Although it looks like they are chasing Slick, the Boston,

Slick is actually the alpha of the group!

That's why Remax won't nip at him...he knows better!



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