Kris & Mia's Puppies Pedigree

D.O.B. June 2, 2009


Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents

Ch. Bavaria's Heartbreaker (sire)

DOB 12/9/06  Holter Clear 9/08

Cardio ARVC DNA - Pos. Het. One clear gene and 1 affected gene (approved for breeding)

AM CH Bavaria's Simply The Best    1/31/00-9-30-08 

Holter clear 8/08 - natural death - clogged arteries 8.75 yrs.

AM CH Interlude's Bavarian Hummel SOM 10/17/98-9/18/08

assisted passing - BCM almost 10 yrs.

AM CH Savoye's Calibra Flashfire

BCM 4 yrs.

Thanque Gypsy Wind  8 yrs.

AM CH Bavaria's Take A Chance On Me DOM 

3/26/96-11/9/06 assisted passing - cancer 10.75 yrs.

AM CH K & D's Rocketman  13 yrs.

Heartlite's Murphy's Law

accident 8 yrs.

On Esti's Bavarian Destiny

DOB 9/22/03  Holter Clear 9/08

AM CH Ewing's Protege' of Maxl DOB 11/26/00

AM CH Maxl's Golden Boy SOM

Cancer 10.5 yrs.

AM CH Dasel's Attitude Is Everything DOM

AM CH Bavaria's Best Kept Secret - 9/11/00-9/29/08 natural death - died 8 yrs.

AM CH Interlude's Bavarian Hummel SOM 10/17/98-9/18/08 - BCM almost 10 yrs. 

Bavaria's Breakfast At Tiffany's DOM

3/22/96-2-19-08  DM almost 12 yrs. assisted passing

On Esti's Bavarian Krystal (dam)

DOB 12/23/03  Holter Clear 3/09

Cardio ARVC DNA - Negative  (approved for breeding)

Chessel's Second Sacker

DOB 8/1/00-4/23/11  assisted passing - 10.75 yrs. Cancer

AM CH Interlude's Rumor Has It


cancer almost 12 yrs.  

AM CH Sundarby's Fleetwood Mac SOM 12/31/90-12/01 - cancer 11 yrs. 

AM CH Interlude's Finders R Keepers DOM  9/92-12/01  DM  9.25 yrs.

Can-Cia's Wildflower - 12 yrs.

AM CH K & D's Rocketman 13 yrs.

Heartlite's Murphy's Law

accident 8 yrs.

Sierra's Butterfly Kisses

DOB 6/7/99-2/28//11 assisted passing - 11.75 hrs. Cancer - Holter Clear 11/13/08

AM CH New Dawn's Hercule Poirot  ?

AM CH Fiero's Tally-Ho Tailo SOM  Liver Cancer 5.5 yrs.

New Dawn's Christmas Dasher ?

Flashpoint's Might've Been Queen ?

AM CH Jopa's Dr. Action lymphoma  7 yrs.

Interlude's Desert Rose ?



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