Degenerative Myelopathy information



In 2009, a DNA gene was identified so we can now test our dogs for DM genes before breeding them.

Every dog gets a DM gene from each parent. 

    - If they have 2 affected genes, they are At Risk of getting the disease before they turn 15.  They can produce Carrier or At Risk offspring.

    - If they have 1 affected gene and 1 clear gene, then they are Carriers and will not come down with the disease, but can produce offspring with DM if they are bred to another Carrier or an At Risk dog. 

    - If they are Negative, then they have 2 normal genes and can only produce Normal or Carrier offspring.

This is why there have not been as many DM cases in boxers as Heart Disease and Cancer.


Check the DM Registry for test results on specific dogs

Enter the dog's registered name in the field at the top left without the Ch. in front of the name or any titles at the end of the name and press enter.  If have trouble finding the dog, try using the kennel name by itself.


Offa DM statistics for boxers

DM Genetics Chart

To Send Blood Sample in for Analysis

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Fee Schedule for DM Test

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American Boxer Club information regarding DM

Veterinarian Support Group for Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) 



There are also dog wheelchairs for them to support their back legs.

Eddie's Wheels was highly recommended to me and they also sell used wheelchairs. 


Another site for dog wheelchairs with additional DM information is the K-9 Cart Company East.


Here are Youtube links with boxers in wheelchairs for various reasons

My neighbor has a boxer with DM.  She bought this product below and put them on her dog and the dog is walking soooo much better.   She has some gripping power now.

_ (

The boots are somewhat thick and when her foot slides or  buckles under, it also protects her feet.  The boots also don't seem to  come off her feet when she's walking. 


At least we now have DNA tests and can breed boxers who will not develop this disease.

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